Clarence Run Adventure World Game

CLARENCE RUN ADVENTURE WORLD GAMEHello into The CLARENCE RUN ADVENTURE WORLD GAME, this is one of the coolest (Run and Jump) a classic game about courageous -clarence run, they now team up to save his friends JEFF AND SUMO who was kidnapped by a vicious scorpion. Embark on a wild jungle adventures with this sboy clarence jungle adventure courageous -clarence run game to rescue his friends jeff and sumo, you will start running with dodging obstacles and killing , will have to run and jump over obstacles super jabber CLARENCE fight and shoot against monsters through the jungle adventures, jeff and sumo is jailed on the last black castle . Do you have enough audacity to go all the way to the black castle. and you can start killing monsters from distance, without having to approach them. You have to cross a wild jungle adventures and the lep's world and 2 more worlds, we will let you figure them out. This funny and adventure game combines between the old school play and new acrade elements of sumo clarence run in the jungle ,it's a challenging adventure !Classic jumping game ,do your best to beat the Monster.collect coins ,fast food games diamonds and power that is the burger yes a fast food will encourage you to go further in this game and explore new levels of clarence games ? yes , new levels because in this adventure game you will get access to l more than lep's world 2 free worlds ,with 72 levels and 8 extra for free just for you no need to pay just to explore all the kart adventure levels .*** CLARENCE RUN ADVENTURE WORLD GAME FEATURES ***- 36 amazing levels and 8 bonus levels.- addictive, thrilling and challenging run jungle adventure.- Amazing features and power up.- Beautiful high quality graphics of clarence sumo run and monsters.- juego de hamburguesas- Clarence Games.-achievement .-lettuce .-food.-burger.-run 2-jetpack.- newest games - Nice background .-super clarence world adventures. -la cabana .-food fever -games without wifi.-wilderness .-sandwich .-game melompate.-catoon , anything app , bear ,bears .- Many worlds to explore: jungle, dungeon, frozen, water...-BLAMBURGER - Clarence.- Collect a large amount of gold coins.- Perfect game control through control pad like on console games of clarence Adventures.*** HOW TO PLAY IN CLARENCE RUN ADVENTURE WORLD GAME***- For moving the character click on right or left on the control pad!- Click down for ducking down .- Press the foot button B to make Tom with clarence jumping!- Press the green button A to make Tom with clarence go faster.- Jumping over the enemies will kill them.the whole game is designed for you to have fun and enjoy your free time with your friends ,thank you for downloading clarence run adventure world game.good luck to all of you .
Operating System Android