Santa Claus Party Christmas Gift Rescue Mission 18

The New Year has arrived! Santa is delivering gifts every year, Santa Claus real calling arrived with many kids and girls gifts and makes us very happy. Peculiarly children they are waiting for Santa Claus gifts. In this school kids game with Christmas, you will meet Santa Claus, Santa Secret Stealth is in your city and his mission to make Christmas gifts and toys. when he comes to your city with his train some mafia criminal attack him. you play and love this Santa Claus escape 3d game 2018. it depends on him he saved the gifts and kill mafia people are maybe some other zombies in a jungle and castle roads. in this Santa Claus adventure mission game you have gift boxes and some letters. After you get the gifts and letters you need to distribute these Santa gifts to the kids and girls. We Wish You a Merry Christmas. After you distribute these cards and gifts in NY city your mission is to reach next USA city. No doubt you are the best friend of Santa and this Santa Claus Party Christmas Gift Rescue Mission 18 game for kids with Santa Claus will help you. Also, this is Santa Claus fighting game.This will be a secret gifts escape mission for you to escape from the jail & break out of the prison in order to chase your exemption. Santa Claus running games Santa have the special superhero power and you can use your superhero stealth skills to walk in the shadows and escape from the jail guards & prison sniper shooter assassins. Prison is under CCTV cameras, military guards, prison sniper shooter assassins and unlimited weapons to watch the prisoners. Santa runner gets ready to Escape from this high-security like jail and kill all criminals and get back to the people of the city who are waiting for you and your gifts. Stealth is the only way you could escape from this gangster jail. fight with the USA military guards & pick up their modern weapons & guns. Use this modern weapons & guns to counter & combat the shooting road gangster enemy. Strike hard hold your Santa Christmas stick & beat them for survival. this is not a ops & fps missions it's a battle for survival. Fight with all the prison sniper shooter assassins & guards to successfully break out of the prison & to run away from the jail for free. it's your mission to reach with your gifts before Christmas end and make happy kids with gifts.From of Santa Merry Christmas to you and especially kids now your duty is to deliver some Christmas gifts as a Santa inSanta Claus Party Christmas Gift Rescue Mission 18 games and Christmas gift games on your very own animal deer train. Play Santa superhero pro games off 2018 and be a part of scattering the stunning joys in Santa gift delivery on this Christmas event of 2018 in our Santa games for kids and deer train game.So in Santa claus run christmas kids gift games, get ready to become real superhero Santa Clause and deliver gifts on this christmas of the year 2018 to all the civilian around the 3D city with santa games for kids. People, kids and girls will love your passion for spreading the joys and happiness among them in santa gift delivery games and christmas gift games with our Santa Claus Party Christmas Gift Rescue Mission 18 the best of santa games.Feature of Real Santa Claus Christmas Gift Delivery Game:Beautiful 3D Christmas Environment!Run across the snow in Santa village!PICK up the toys and place them on the shelves!DECORATE the Christmas tree with Christmas balls and tinsel!Thrilling Tricky ObstaclesChristmas town with hidden surprises
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