Snake Smash

Welcome to this multicoloured obstacle world! Just slide your way forward, but don't get too comfortable. Blocks and balls of many values and colours will turn up in your path and challenge your smooth orientation skills. It's not just left and right, your snake can go in any direction you want in this universe. Even though you have a lot of freedom to move around, you still need to make sure your snake doesn't eat its own tail!Increase your multiplier by smashing blocks in quick succession, but don't get carried away! They may be fun and colourful to smash, but they can still defeat you. Crash into a block with a higher value than your snake's length and the game's over! Your snake will warp from one edge of the screen to the other. Gathering orange balls gets you points to customize your snake, while others get you extra length.This is easy to play at first and it gets more and more challenging as your snake grows. Just stay focused and move your finger across the screen to make sure you survive and smash your way to the highest score!How to play:- Move your finger on the screen in any direction to guide the snake- Smash into the balls that are the same colour as your snake to gain extra length- Hit the orange balls for points- Avoid the coloured blocks with higher numbers than your snake- Smash into the yellow blocks that bring you high scores until the timer is through- Aim for the smallest numbered block if there is no other way around- Avoid twisting the snake into itselfGame features:- 21 skins for your snake- 9 special challenges- Multidirectional gameplay- Fun and colourful minimalist design- Dynamic landscape- Cute sound effects- Available in offline mode
Operating System Android