Shadow Street Fighter

Shadow Street Fighter: is a classic action fighting game with high quality 3D graphics. Every Shadow Street Fighter in the game is a fighting master. All Shadow street fighters are born to fight. They only pursue the most powerful fighting skills, become a fighting master.Shadow Street Fighter is a gift for all arcade fighting game fans, now 9+ dark fighters(Ryu, Ken, CHUNLI, etc.) is fighting.Shadow Street Fighter has dozens of actions for each character, and each super shadow warrior hero has a special action (such as Hadoken, Shoryuken ...) and more special moves are coming soon.All fighters are designed by dark style.Shadow Street Fighter is a pure fighting action game, players simply focus on improving combat skills, defeating your powerful opponents. But being a real fighting master is not easy. You should practice many times.Shadow Street Fighter currently have three modes (Battle mode, practice mode, watch mode), and Now PVP(WLAN) mode is supported.Game Mode:1, Combat mode: focus on fighting and defeating opponents, you are fighting the owner.2, Practice mode: The real master of combat need to practice, from here3, Watch mode: watch how others fight, you do not need to do anything.4, PVP(Wlan)mode: You can play against your friends on the same WIFI.Now, you are the king of shadow street fighters, keep practice , keep fighting, and enjoy this game.Features:- Cool and easy control special moves- High-quality 3D graphics and attack effects- Eazy and sensible control- Gorgeous action design- multy-gamemode- 7 Shadow Street Fighters : KEN, RYU, CHUN-LI, and so on.- Does not require networking, offline mode can play- Each fighter has its own unique special moves- Supported PVP(WLAN) mode.- hidden fighters is comming soon.- Added Kung fu master Li siu loong(Bruce Lee) .
Operating System Android