Smurfs Super Run In Village Jungle 3D

Smurf run 3D is super hero adventure with zacky strawberry in amazing village world .Try Smurfs the amazing 3D endless runner game now , so how to play smurfs :Run and jump to escape : you to escape from hunters and strangers when they are singing and dancing , for that keep yourself away from temple them every time you face an obstacle , jump and run forward .Roll And Fight : the obstacles can be others thing than train and trucks and cars in the jungle , the is dinosaurs , monkey and alligators .ths epic adventure of smurfs living in the lost village is very addicted game , you will like the subway running game , over rivers and streets of the lost jungle , racing game are great also this game is car race in lost city. The smurfs small town where all smurfs family are living in happiness and love .live the adventure with the young and the old smurfs now what will you loose ifNew 3D smurf jungle run , it a story of smurf when he lost in the jungle and get boy surf around very bad people , so you we should help smurf to run away from temple this . the game is very easy and addicted if you are a smurf fun it will be great to watch him running away.final word : this game is made for my son and cause he like smurf a lot , hope you like it .
Operating System Android