Follow The Path - ZigZagTap Hold Swipe Line Quest

It is simple to say: Follow The Path - ZigZagTap Hold Swipe Line Quest is the ultra-challenging change direction tap and swipe game you don't want to miss this year! A boring-time killer, crazy fun tapper and zig zag arcader that can also be the hardest addicting games ever! With its simple taps and hold, swipe to move & follow the line path gameplay, it constantly pushes your skills to the edge while adding extra excitement and entertainment!Download an addictive & enjoyable arcade tapper & follow the line and directions in a ZigZagTap Hold Swipe Line Quest.TAP, HOLD & SWIPE TO CHANGE DIRECTION, SAVE THE BALLThe main objective of this arcade game is to take control of the ball, do zigzags, change direction and avoid hitting obstacles or walls. But, keep in mind that you will have to do many zigzags to survive and collect gems. To score the highest possible score in this zig zag change direction & avoid obstacle challenge, you should go far without hitting obstacles. This addictive taps and swipe to avoid obstacles play game will get harder as your progress on it, but you need to show your reflection and speed skills to score the highest possible score.ZIGZAG IN THE RIGHT MOMENTFollow The Path is an awesome zigzag ball google game, one that relies on your speed and reflection to get a higher score. Train your hand and eye coordination with this free game and have fun playing for hours, you will not feel bored even if you play it for many hours. When you are waiting in line, when you are on a break, or when you are riding a bus or train, play this fun and endless game to avoid getting bored with nothing to do. When you are getting bored, try this endless arcader that'll test your focus and tapping ability. Remember, your reflection needs training too!COOL STYLES, BACKGROUNDS & AMBIENCEFollow The Path is a great game with unique ambience. Just when you open the tap arcader and you are required to change direction, you'll realize how cool the challenge was and that your reaction and reflexes need to always be top-notch It also comes with a very different style and a new gameplay from the classic arcade games. It demands fast and on time taps and exemplary concentration to dominate all challenges. This time you will have very high-quality graphics.CAN YOU ACHIEVE THE HIGHEST SCORE & DOMINATE THE LEADERBOARDS?The environment of playing is amazing and you will never feel bored. Your job is to tap and hold, swipe to change direction and go far without hitting anything. If you hit the wall or an obstacle, then you can instantly replay. Try getting a high score and follow the line for the longest way possible. In the zig zag paths there will always be additional challenges that will make things difficult. Can you top the leaderboard and become the best zig zag change direction & follow the path champion? It's hard and demanding but you can do it! Achieve the highest possible score in this endless tap - hold - swipe zig zag game!FOLLOW THE PATH - ZIGZAG TAP HOLD SWIPE LINE QUEST FEATURES:endless tap hold and swipe to change direction zig zag gameplayunpredictable obstacles that can damage you at any momentcool sound effects that create an enjoyable ambienceamazing graphic effects with original artworkhigh score systemsimple tapper & swiper controlsfree endless zigzag quest to follow the lineAt the end of the day, it depends from you and your skills whether you'll dominate this lovely 2D arcade tap and swipe quest!While following the line may sound very simple and easy, believe us it's not.You have too much against you!Download this zig zag endless adventure for FREE & try reaching the best score!
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