Bubble Shooter 2018: Snow Winter

This Game is designed for fun shooter game for everyone especially for people who want to examine their brain by matching colors and shooting popping bubbles. Download the Game App Now, and defeat the challenge in each levels. Just take it easy and enjoy this addicting bubble shooter game!Play 3 Game Modes:# Enjoy the Game Puzzle Mode consist of A lot of Amazing Puzzle LevelsClear the board and steps forward along the map, take amazing gifts and enjoy fun new features and elements. New Power ups, cool bubble elements, boosts, daily rewards, and more!# Play Endless mode or levels mode to win all levels!Shoot the bubble for matching it with the other and try to get the bubble blast for destroying all surrounding to get more stars.# Enjoy the Endless mode - Simple and Super Fun.Endless mode has difficulty which you should defend the bubbles never touch the ground.How to Play:* Drag your finger to left or right for moving the laser sight in the direction of the bubbles you want to shoot.* Take of your finger to give the best shot.* Match 3 the bubbles or more for the same color to raise the combo and win many points.* Shoot and pop all the colored balls to clean the board of levels.Bubble Shooter is the best offline puzzle game you can play anytime and anywhere; no internet connection is required to play it.Download today, hit balls, match 3 colors or more and win. Defeat all the challenges and overcome new obstacles.Thanks for download!!!
Operating System Android