Future Cruise 2

The new Future Cruise 2 has incorporated more villains, more ways to score, more earth rattling sounds, more colors, more user involvement, and has truly become the first Stealth Executive Addictive app. Enjoy the cruise and I hope you can stay alive long enough to reach 250K in points. Good Luck. ALSO....Do you want to possibly make a few thousand dollars off of a simple 99 cent app? With Future Cruise 2 that is possible. We believe in giving our users world class graphics, game play, and excitement along with rewarding the individuals who rises above all else and becomes apart of Future Cruise's ELITE squad. The Elite Squad in different months of the year will be paid for their greatness. NOW more than ever gaming apps need to give back to the user. Future Cruise 2 is the first to start and be doing that trend.
Operating System Android