Dangerous Slumber: runaway

Try out a new amusing arcade about the adventures of a merry Guy fellow, who constantly gets into various troubles! You have to travel through the world of dreams, where the ultimate goal is the coveted awakening. And it's not just a simple awakening - to achieve the goal, you'll need to find a way to die in a dream! You will find a lot of intriguing puzzles, colorful levels and plot twists!The action of this Guy simulator game takes us to the home of the protagonist, which you will manage. This is an ordinary fat middle-aged guy, who does not stand out among those around him. In his spare time, he loves lying on the couch, drinking beer and eating all kinds of harmful food. This lad is single, so there is no one to reproach him for such a way of life. However, he has one strange feature - every time he falls asleep in front of the TV, he sees a dream, at the end of which he invariably dies, always in a different way. These deaths are rather unusual, so each such dream is of some interest. Such an existence, in principle, completely satisfied the character, so he quietly lived in his own pleasure.But one day something terrible happened. During his usual sleep in front of the TV, a bottle of beer falls out of the hero's hand. As a true connoisseur of this drink, he senses through a dream that trouble has happened, and tries to wake up, but in vain. Moreover, the dream of the hero changes dramatically. Instead of just dying in the final of sleep, he finds himself in a strange diner where he can not get out. Here for you the fun begins.You have to spend your hero on the most unusual dreams, which only can imagine the human imagination. The only way to wake up completely in this guy simulator is to die in every dream (who would have thought that it would be necessary to take the bread from a well-known movie maniac!). The aforementioned snack bar serves as a "home world" in which portals are located in other dreams. Each of these dreams represents a unique world, the task in which will be the same - to find the most sophisticated way to kill yourself and successfully implement it. Each death will return you to that most ill-fated snack bar, where you will need to look for ways into new dreams. To leave a hateful institution and return to reality (where a dropped bottle of beer is just waiting for its contents to be saved), it is necessary in the literal sense to play enough with death.It would seem that it could be easier than killing oneself in a dream? In fact, this is a rather deceptive impression. This one is not as simple as it seems. On the way to each suicide weapon you will find a huge number of puzzles and obstacles. To overcome them to you can only help their own ingenuity. Plus, not every fatal object is easy to use. Sometimes it is more difficult to bring it into action than to reach it. The search for keys from doors, intricate corridors, combinations with various objects - all this will stand in your way to the desired death.When all these obstacles are overcome, it remains only to observe the incredible number of the most diverse deaths. Will a giant boulder fall on you? Or cut a huge chainsaw? Or maybe you'll find a huge living statue? Not to mention speeding the train at a speed limit or sharp spikes falling from the ceiling. The variability of ways to end life in this suicide simulator game is truly impressive.What are you waiting for? Help your hero safely go through this nightmare and wake up! Excellent graphics, themes that represent the theme of death funny, not frightening, a large number of levels - all this gives the game a unique comic atmosphere.
Operating System Android