The Spirit Horse Adventure - Riding Free

The Spirit Horse Adventure - Riding Free is a little fun and addictive jumping FREE HD game.Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the one tap jumping games, you'll definitely love playing with the main character spirit Run. HOW TO PLAY ?VERY EASY!!.... You just need to touch the screen every time you want to jump. Then, try to avoid every obstacle as you move up in the game, don't forget to collect those coins on the way (you'll need them to unlock new Spirit Horse games characters beside the famous spirit Run, like Rain, Bonita, Raphael, Esperanza, Sierra, Storm, Little Creek, The Colonel and The Eagle), and also try to collect power-ups to help you go even further into the game. Don't think that this little free jumping game is easy, it's created to be very addictive and super challenging. But with some practice, I'm sure that you will be the hero of the Spirit Riding Free game which is for kids and adults too.NEW FEATURES !- One touch jumping game- Auto-Save your Cimarron score- Share your score with friends and family with the share feature- Very Addictive Game- Endless gameplay- Unlimited Fun- Choose your favorite Spirit Horse free games characters like Cato and the Inspector.- HD Stallion graphics- Cool visual effects and sounds- Appropriate for kids and FREE. - Different Spirit Riding Free Worlds- different spirit cartoon characters.The Spirit Horse Adventure - Riding Free is a super addictive casual cartoon game that you can play every time you feel bored or simply when waiting for something. Feel free to choose your favorite Spirit Run player and start jumping with the panther. Also feel free to share this free game with your friends and family.What are you waiting for ? DOWNLOAD NOW !!
Operating System Android