Dragon World : Top Speed Adventure

Halloween Adventure Starts!Dragon World : Top Speed Adventure-kids game is a fresh and lovely racing game!With the whistle of the owl's voice, Cute dinosaur and elephant in the park free fun running, jump. Leisurely and exciting, because our little dragons or small elephants, are want toBe a champion, get more candy.In the game there will be a lot of props waiting for us to find their fun, you can jump the mushrooms and balloons, Step on dark clouds will change to white clouds..... more surprises need to find.During running, there will be a lot of obstacles to block the pace of our progress, Cute marbles and windmills is our shooting weapons, good to use them with the fastest speed to pass through each adventure level. Because our little dinosaurs and small elephants are love to eat sugar, so as much as possible to pick up every candy. There are surprised gift in the end of game. The whole game scene is like a wonderland, enjoy running and adventure . Even if not get the champion, our dragons and elephants will not be frustrated, because the friendship first, game the second . Come and start this fresh and cheerful journey! Features:Various adventure levelBeautiful 3D game sceneSimple and convenient game operationInteresting character
Operating System Android