Captain Hero Underpants : Fly Adventure

Captain Hero Underpants : Fly Adventure is a classic platform game with your Superhero mrkrupp a journey of Captain under that brings your childhood back. This classic game will make you addict to... suitable for all ages, especially for kids. playing with your favorite Superhero Captain Underpants in this Fly Adventure. The World of Captain under is in trouble after the boss Super Pants has invades it and kidnapped mr Krupp's friend. well, Superhero ride the red underpants and go Fly fast to save mr Krupp's friend. In that Captain Underpants Game Adventure You will find plenty of monsters on your way to the poopypants World are ready to kill you, Superhero be carful on your way to the Captain under Game , You can Fly, Run, Jump, Super Pants, and Dodge Monsters to keep the poopypants World alive.During playing this Superhero Captain Super Underpants, Make Sure to Put on your Red Underpants, and get ready to Fly for an adventure to Rescue mr Krupp's friends, try to collect as many as possible coins you find so you can unlock the levels poopypants World ahead in the Superhero Captain Under games Adventure to beat your Friends. Remember this Superhero is the only one that can fly and help mr Krupp's Friends Superhero Underpants : Fly Adventure Features awesom designed graphics 2D platform With Perfect Control. More than 80 Level to unlock, 4 poopypants World (jungle , Super Pants, desert , lava) as you can see in screenshots. Sensitive Go, Back, Fly, Shoot and jump bottons. Fly Super underpants Adventure as a Super Pants Superhero.A lot of Hidden bonus levels and power up items, the more Rocks you smash the more score you get.Are you an addictive on Captain Underpants Fly Adventure Games ?? Are you an addictive on Super Pants Games ?are you a fan of mr Krupp Cartoon ?? Captain Under is made Specific for you ...Hurry up and download this Super Pants Game of your favorite character Superhero Fly Adventure in this magic adventure rescue mission.
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