Tough Jumping 2

Tough Jumping 2 is one highly addictive and fun adventure jumping game! An amazing combo of free platform games 2d jumping game and fantasy inspired gameplay. Enter the world of crazy unique creatures, unexpected obstacles and worlds and so much more... A real fantasy adventure!You will face many obstacles in this challenging battle. When you try to score the highest score, you will go crazy!Buy new characters by collecting gold in the vote. Come out with the highest crap and compete with your friends!ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAYIf you love to play adventure games on your android phone, this fun adventure game is offering you the most exciting and addictive gameplay. Suitable for any age and easy for playing, this adventure game is offering you to escape from the stresses and responsibilities and enjoy in your own fantasy world. UNLOCK CHARACTER & COLLECT COINSCollect the gold in all the sections and try to get the highest score. You will be asked to be killed by evil characters, but go to the top by playing carefully. Collect new gold by collecting the gold. The new characters give you more entertainment.LEADERBOARDSCollect coins to become number one on the leader board offered by this adventure game. Collect all the coins in each level to become the master of your own fantasy world. With this game you are getting the best adventure gaming experience. TOUGH JUMPING 2 FEATURES Exciting and addictive gameplay Amazing fantasy world Unlock new character and and improve your fun Protect yourself using shields in your neighborhood Collect gold Take a magnet, take the gold and shields in your circle Get on top of the leader board Free to play OBJECT FEATURESGold: Give 1 goldYellow Shield: Provides immortal ability for 3 seconds.Red shield: Provides immortal ability for 5 seconds.Green shield: Provides immortal ability for 10 seconds.Magnet: It attracts everything in the environment.CHARACTER FEATURESYellow Eye: Speed: 60 - Jumping: 45 - 0 Can - FreeSneaky: Speed: 65 - Jumping: 45 - 1 Can - 300 GoldCheerful: Speed: 60 - Jumping: 45 - 1 Can - 600 GoldAlien Speed: 70 - Jumping: 45 - 3 Can - 900 GoldSaw: Speed: 80 - Jumping: 45 - 4 Can - 1200 GoldJustice: Speed: 70 - Jumping: 45 - 5 Can - 2000 Gold
Operating System Android