Maybot Run Pocket

A Game for the Many: -Play the villain, Maybot. Run through randomly generated levels collecting power-ups, taxes, and votes. Jump over crazy enemies from angry farmers to missing nuclear bombs to toff hunting foxes on horseback blowing bugles. Build up your naughtiness to unleash your ultimate form and turn in to politically charged weaponized mech and shoot down massive bosses such as 'Hope Bot' to gain more votes. Spend your votes in the shop on upgrades and new playable characters, each with their own perk. Unlock a wide selection of robot politicians, including the rotting corpse of Thatcher bot in a motorized coffin, Major Bot on his chopper with his skiddy wire fronts out, and even a Cameron Bot with the body of a pig and the head of a politician.Rise to the challenge and unlock achievements and make history on the leader-board.Think you've got what it takes to Run/Ruin a country? Then get your diamond encrusted heels on...You are the Maybot now RUN! Features: -* Run, jump, slide, and shoot for political survival. How long can you stay in power?* Battle huge bosses destroying ethics, morality, and hope with your victories.* Power up your special weapon to unleash your ultimate form, 'The Dream Crusher'.* Collect votes to unlock upgrades and new characters aiding your path to elitist domination.* Unique play style compared to other endless runner/infinite runner games.* Sprint past famous London buildings and landmarks.* Collect tax and claim expenses for elaborate things and high scores. * Help Maybot bribe her way to unleash policies and see the world change.* Collect in game power-ups such as shields, invincibility, and double tax. * Compete with others for leader-board domination.The Story: -In 2016 Maybot landed in the UK and quickly took power as an unelected dictator. Help her and her cronies run, jump, slide, and shoot their way to a stronger, and more stable leadership. Wreak havoc on the poor, help the elite, and be as naughty as possible in those wheat fields. With your help Maybot can defeat the coalition of chaos; morality and hope, bringing back the wealth to the elite few and condemning the many to ordinary working poverty. There are girl's jobs and boy's jobs but this is definitely a bot's job.This game is based on true events that may or may not have happened by people who may or may not be real.#MaybotRunDeveloped by Bloodline Games.
Operating System Android