Air Striker War

Air striker war is the most exciting shooting game. It's an amazingly enjoyable and addictive sky war air action game. The game is based and has missions from the sandstorm world wars. This game has war based challenging missions. You have to reclaim your territory which has been captured by the enemies. In this sandstorm, the battle has just begun and you have to lead it as you the bellicose commanding officer. You have to take the revenge of your troops who died in the sky war battle against these vicious enemies. Get your best missiles ready to taken down the enemy and give them your best fight. Anti-aircraft drones is a high profile shooting game. In which you have to shot the enemies air speed fighters, copters, and drones to save your territory from the opposition who have captured your territory. Come and feel the modern sandstorm warfare of anti-aircraft!! Fight the opposition with the modern aircraft in this bellicose sky war. Dominate the opposition in this modern sandstorm warfare and command most advanced aircraft fighters as you play this most exciting shooting game. Choose your air fighter jets, which suits you the best and help you to win it all for your country. Destroy all the enemies jets, copters, and drones on your way to your victory. Control your bellicose jet fighter, its shooting to destroy the enemies jets, copters, and drones. In this bellicose invasion save your country and its people, destroy all the copters and airspeed fighter in your way to reach the boss to destroy him. Destroy each of the enemies with your amazing air gunner shooting skills. Improve your skills throughout this game. Upgrade your gunner to shoot more accurately. In this anti-aircraft sky war, avoid the enemies radar and kill them before they come to kill you. In this game you can update your anti-aircraft fighter to improve the speed, agility, shooting accurately of the aircraft. The enemies have captured all over your country, clean your region by destroying each enemy and saving your country and its people.
Operating System iOS