BeyBlade Blay

So much more than a free arcade game, Blade topstests your accuracy, your reflexes and reaction time, and he challenges the player the ability to manage multiple tasks. Using the latest in touch screen technology, colorful graphics and intelligent game play that this game is perfect for all ages - children, teens and adults, young and old. Spin Blade presented a number of adjustments to make it more interesting and exciting. There are several levels, a bullet color choices, rubies to accumulate and you can even grab a shield so you can protect yourself against those spikes. BeyBlade battle is here to to challenge your self and your friends to improve your intelligence and reaction time. The most addictive game be spinning with your battle Spin blade around stadiums and try to knock your opponents down before your top stops will you put the bulk head and it will make you click on replay for hours. Once you have tried this fantastic arcade style game, you'll be hooked forever. In Spin Blade You guide your Spin-Tops to a portion of the rim without point while earning rewards. By reviving some of the classic arcade games, you must rotate your compass to the right or left while watching your score climb this fast and addictive arcade style play. How to play: Turn the circle by holding the left and right of thescreen. Keep your Spin-Top on the screen. Avoid triangular spines. Get the orange squares to score points. Make the best score. Game interface: Color Circles. The game is simple. High quality video. FEATURESi Enjoy the angle of the bounce with a soft and elegant movementi Tap the left or right to rotate Spin Blade compassi Collect diamonds for pointsi Collect diamonds, rubies and shields to achieve the goals and unlock levelsi Collect rubies to change the look of your Spini 7 Stadiums (+1) i 11 Spin-Tops and over 40 different parts. i Special attacksi 4 launch cordsi 3 Game modesi Test your reaction time and your reflexesi Simple and intuitive functionalityi colorful and interactive designi Addictive and fast.
Operating System Android