Spinz.io Neon

Spinz. io Neon version is a spinz. io game. It is a BRAND NEW fidget spinner. io gameThis is a battle between many fidget spinner over the world in the arena. Defeat all other players to become the top of online leader board. With neon art style we offer the higher graphic quality for users. In Spinz. io Neon version you go around collecting blobs which, instead of increasing your size, increase your speed. The high your RPMS the more powerful you become. This is the challenge of world's fastest fidget spinners. How to play: Move your spinner arrow the map to get high speed. Attack another player to earn kill point- Try to become the best player in the Arena. If you have any idea to improve the game. Feel free to request us on: https://www.facebook.com/spinz. io/Enjoy the game.
Operating System Android