Fat Rat Pinball

Try to change the ball for a fat rat in a pinball game to see what happens. Well, this is Fat Rat Pinball, a nice casual game free to play. The challenges of a pinball classic are mixed up with the body physics, what creates a pinball arcade unique, unexpected and fun. With this new game you'll see animals flying over the pinball machine, being hit by the flippers, bouncing as a ball in the bumpers, and increasing your score on each collision. But don't panic: no animals are hurt in this game, everything happens in a happy way. As a casual game, you can try to beat up one of the pinball tables in about ten minutes. Some pinball machines has stages, as a kind of runner, and you go up until the end point. So, it's part of the game challenges to win the tables, but you'll need to have good abilities to do it. The gameplay is simple, one touch in the right or left screen side and you'll activate the respective flipper. Launching the ball you should touch the screen and slide down to choose the spring force. It's possible to play with one finger, one hand game, but we would recommend using both hands to have more velocity activating the paddles. Fat Rat Pinball uses a reward system, and you can earn rubies while playing. Completing a pinball table a couple of times you can earn rubies enough to release new content inside the game. There are rewarded Ads after the matches, but you can choose if you want to watch it or not, you are not forced to see any Ad while playing. Using your rubies you can release new characters and tables for playing. The actual version counts with 3 pinball machines, and 4 bodies-balls. The score records and achievements are incorporated with Google Play services, where you can see the game's rankings. Have fun with Fat Rat Pinball. Bad Rats: the Rats Revenge 2009-2017 Invent4 Entretenimento Ltda. Fat Rat Pinball 2017 Invent4 Entretenimento Ltda.
Operating System Android