Skating Cave Man

Skating fred flintstone is a game where you help your friend ride around in his skateboard and collect some chicken legs in the flintstones era. Install this game right now and have fun. We made this arcade jump and collect skateboard game very easy to play and still very entertaining so everyone can have a good time playing it. Help your friend fred flintstone reach as far as possible by jumping and avoiding to fall, and try to collect as much chicken legs as you can. Challenge your friends in this unlimited game for the highest score and compete with other players from all around the world. Be the winner, try hard to advance in the ranking and show everyone how good you truly are. In this game you play as fred flintstone riding his skateboard and the longer you can keep him from falling and the more chicken legs you collect the higher your score will be. Instructions: All you have to do is touch the screen to jump over the void areas and try to collect the chicken. Note that collecting the lightning will increase your speed. This game offers you: Unlimited Gameplay. A leaderboard for score competition. Challenging achievements. Great Graphics. Background music and sound. And all this is completly and 100% for Free.
Operating System Android