Clicker: Escape From Prison

The game is an exciting clicker with elements of stealth games. We tried our best to diversify the gameplay in order to draw players into the gameplay, and also to select an unusual for this genre graphics. Actions take place on the planet Rockard, in a specially protected prison-island of Attica. The main hero is to make the most grandiose dig in the history of the whole planet, but for this it is necessary to exert unimaginable efforts, since the size of the prison is enormous. In the game you can find 2 currencies: stone and gold. The chance to meet the gold breed is small, so it is so expensive. With the increase in the level, the amount of stones dropped from the block will increase. There are two stores for two kinds of breeds. In the store for the stones you can buy or hire zeks, which will help us in the escape. For gold, you can use buffs or reduce the required number of blocks to escape by exploding half of the island. In any prison there is a warden. We also decided to introduce such a supervisor into our game, from which the stealth system, interesting enough for this genre, turned out. Every minute the cop checks our camera. In order to get out of the tunnel in time, there are indicators on the top that show the position of the policeman. When the cop approaches our camera, you will hear the steps and see a red flash. At this point, you need to press and hold the red button with the cop's icon, located on the bottom left. After the cop opens the window into our camera, in order to check whether we are in place or not, the light from the flashlight will appear. And, if the cop does not find you, then the sound of the siren will sound and you will be offered to start anew, keeping the level, money, tools and zeks, but losing the way, or bribing the cop for one gold. Tools are an important part of the gameplay. It depends not only on damage, but also on the possibility of breaking several blocks at the same time, which will help you quickly return to the starting point if you are caught by a cop. Therefore, their timely purchase can greatly help in the future. There are two types of tools that can be purchased for stone or gold ore. Instruments bought for gold, some succeed in strength, rather than tools, bought for stones. A separate topic for discussion is a completely new idea in the genre of the clicker - the pumping system. The player has a choice: to pump power, income from the stone or increase the DPS. Such improvements open up every new level, and, combining them correctly, you can easily overcome all the difficulties. But with each new level to reach the next all is more difficult and more difficult, therefore the competent approach to the choice of pumping is very important. As a bonus with a periodicity of 5 levels instead of pumping out 1 gold. If you urgently need stone ore, then there is a currency exchange in which you can exchange the accumulated gold for the required resource. With each level, the exchange rate increases. This is all the information you need to start a comfortable game. Good luck. We are in soc. Networks: VK: Twitter: lang=en. YouTube:
Operating System Android