Balls 2.0

Join the fun and test your ability to master the Balls. Balls2.0 is an Endless genre game. So, guys go break your own records. You have to race through the obstacle with increasing speed of the balls and to help you out each and ever ball has its unique ability. Your ball type changes according to your highscore automatically. Go get the Zypher Ball which is the ultimate ball with all the powers other balls include. With the Zypher Ball you'll be able to make score which you and your friends could have never imagined. So go break the records and brag about it to your friends. Features: 7 different balls, with different powers. Your ball automatically changes as per your highscore. Easy ball control. Free ball movement with no restrictions on the track unlike other endless genre games. Collect different as you race through obstacles. Please contact us with feedback at We'd love to hear from you.
Operating System Android