Chomp Racer

This is fantastic arcade action game with multiple levels and features. You are the Chomp Racer Man and you have to eat as many dots as you can. Five ghosts are hunting for you. When Chomp Racer Man eats a big dot - he becomes the hunter for a while. Additionally he can eat fruits that randomly appear on the playground. Plenty of levels are available. Different Color Themes make your experience more exciting. Slow (for beginners) and Fast (for experts) mode for the hunting ghosts. Sound could be switched On and OF. You can pause the game if you need to. This game will keep you in suspense from the very beginning. To control the Chomp Racer Man - just swipe Up/Down/Left/Right anywhere in the maze play-ground and Chomp Racer Man will follow your directions. Tap the maze playground if you want to stop the Chomp Racer Man. Please rate us now.
Operating System Android