Balls vs Blocks is a new challenging snake game. The rules of the game are easy, you just have to swipe your finger on the screen to collect balls and crash blocks to get more space for your snake. The game is one of the most addictive puzzle games that will help you to relax and kill some time. Balls vs Blocks game is a classic snake game in which you need to eat balls in order to make your snake bigger. When you crush a block, your snake becomes shorter by a number that was written on the block you hit. So you need to help your snake grow longer and longer. The game never ends. How to play. Easy to operateCollect small balls to break the blocksGet the balls to make your snake biggerAim at the blockA ball crushes a block Aim at the smallest block When your snake is smaller than the number on the block, the game ends. Features. Free to playRelaxing and interestingChallengingFlexible controlEndless game play You can play in offline modePlay it anywhere and anytimeEasy at first sight, the game will help you to kill some time when you're bored. Want to get a high score? It's not that easy as it might seem. Have a try.
Operating System Android