Knife and Fingers Game

Are you tired and want a little to relax? The extreme activities excellent help to remove the stress of employment. Download the Knife and Fingers Game app and get a adrenaline dose without fear and harm to health. After all playing the game using a virtual knife is safe and fun. Choose the mode and the items that you will use for the game. Concentrated? One-two-three-four-five. We started. Strike with a knife or other sharp object between the fingers and try not to hurt the hand. Try to force faster and faster. You will lose your life when fall on the finger. You have the opportunity to cure a damaged hand for your glasses, but try to avoid blood. If playing the faster and more carefully gaining the more points. Play with the friends and compete who will win. Exercise speed of reaction, train attention and relieve stress. Attention. Knife and Fingers Game app is just a game created for fun and jokes and carries no danger to health. Do not try to repeat it in real.
Operating System Android