Drawing And Coloring For kids

Mini Artist is drawing and coloring for kids. Your child likes cartoon? Learn to draw heroes from his favourite animated series. Draw with brushes, paint on the screen and coloring book. Mini Artist is a simple drawing app, as easy as any coloring for girls or boys. Choose brushes and colors, and draw with kids. Teach drawing your children. Learning to draw in Mini Artist is exciting and joyful: blots and curves easily get erased, drawings and pictures are corrected by simple moves of the kids' fingers. Kid want to coloring? Choose coloring books. Draw in coloring book is easy - brush not going outside of need area and helps to color picture simply. Learn to draw yourself. Try to handle brushes and colors and draw a picture on the Mini Artist canvas. Mini Artist - features: a drawing app for kids of 3-10 y/o - choose color and brushes for drawing - 3 free simple coloring books - regular update of coloring books by subscription - draw characters from cartoons or improvise - easy to draw: remove blots and bad curves with one move - save your kid's drawings and share them in social networks - learn drawing in Mini Artist and draw a picture yourself.
Operating System Android