Extreme Moto Bike Adventures

Master the skills of an expert stuntman in extreme moto bike adventures and become a city bike motocross legend in this moto bike adventure game. Enjoy your moto bike in this extravagant city and off-road terrains with the most treacherous tracks and stunts hurdles waiting for your in this high speed stunts and adventures. Enjoy as a realistic city pro biker and racing specialist, show your excellent stunt extreme moto biker adventure skills. This extreme moto bike adventures will take you deep into the city audience to face the brand new and exciting biking trails and challenges. Extreme levels await you as a trail rider who has the skills to jump over the extreme obstacles ranging from containers and fire barrels to high rooftop jumping ramps. Take a thrilling ride while speeding through flying obstacles such as fiery hoops, ramps and platforms, racetracks, perform corkscrew stunt and collect coins upon level completion. Race, jump and crash your way and other frantic rivals through the stunning frontier tracks as you master the skills and the physics of motocross in this high speed racing adventure. You will have to use your bike to navigate though the stunt waypoints and make your way through the obstacles. Extreme Moto Bike Adventures features stunning and breath-taking graphics throughout the game to give you a real life ambiance. Extreme Moto Bike Adventures is a fast paced bike stunt and racing games, you can dare to ride your dirt bike extremely fast in this real ultimate city. Control your motocross bike and perform daredevil stunts crossing hurdles. Live your stunt life on the edge! Ride your motocross moto bike through amazing barriers and perform deadly daredevil stunts in this adventure game of extreme moto dirt trail bike, sit on tight and speedup through ultimate challenging levels with thrilling stunts.
Operating System Android