Pond Tycoon

In Pond Tycoon you generate electricity by wave power. The supplied power will in turn generate "power charges" for which you can buy both more generators and Oscillomatic devices to help you generate even more power. Crank it up over 9000W. How fast can you be? The app also includes a SmartWatch 2 widget which lets you follow your progress on your watch too. This is not required to play the game - it's only a small bonus just because you can. CONTROLS: Tap the water really fast, close to the generators- As soon as you can afford, buy generators and Oscillomatics- Some locations may be more strategic due to the nature of wave physics- Keep tapping on the water - Fill the power meter over 9000. This game was initially developed during 48 hours in Ludum Dare 29, and was further improved after that. Finished 1st place in Sony Hackathon in Sweden - Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2.
Operating System Android