Groovy Line

Desciption: How long can you groove? Ride on an grooving wave that pumps to the music. Don't get too busy dancing along - be ready to dodge obstacles that are raining down left and right. The beat will drop with some epic remixes as you warp the speed of the music by picking up "double time" and "slow-mo" power-ups. Just remember, when you feel like giving up, just keep on groovin'. How to play: In this line rider, you'll simply tap your screen anywhere to move your character from left to right, avoid the obstacles, and pick up power ups. If you find the game to be a little tough in the beginning, don't fret - each track has an easy mode. If you're a hardcore gamer who wants a challenge, select the hard mode and give it a go. Compete with your friends and the world with social and global leaderboards, and test your grooving skills with 10 challenging achievements. Did you lay down an awesome run and want to share it? You can share a recording of your run to Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube using Everyplay. Click the video camera button during a "Game Over" screen to share. Free Version Features: 1 track and 1 character. Ads for in game products. Unlocked Version Features: 3 new tracks and 10 new characters. No Ads. Note: leaderboard and achievement capabilities require the Google Play Games app and a corresponding account. sharing videos using Everyplay requires a free Everyplay account that can be created in the Everyplay suite in game. this application may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply consequently. This game may include: 1 in-app purchase. Advertising for products within the game. Links to social media networks that are designed for audiences over the age of 13.
Operating System Android