For All The Marbles

New RealTime Multiplayer FPS Arcade Action Battles Online free promo codes fun for kids adults and friends. Invite quick game single player top score leaderboard rankFor All The Marbles allows for a quick game online with friends in this new all-time favorite. You can also challenge yourself offline in solo mode with three AI difficulty levels, easy, normal, and hard. Once you feel your skills are competitive, try competing in real-time online multiplayer matches. Invite your friends or vs random opponents. A winner is declared by being the first to score three goals. A goal is scored by shooting at the star or triangle and knocking it into the other player's pocket. Designed with the user in mind for use of free time throughout the day. Even with limitations from a handheld device, the user experience is hands on and almost lifelike. Control the aiming of the shooter by dragging your finger on the shooter, then when you're aiming where you want to be, tap the gun to fire marbles at the targets. User interaction required for control but is NOT pressure sensitive. No need for extensive force that could result in breaking the phones screen. Not responsible for broken device screens and will not in any circumstances replace a device. If your strong, play with caution user discretion advised. New users are recommended to participate in the hands on tutorial which will teach you the basics of how to use the Reload button to help aid in loading marble ammo into your gun shooter so you can keep the marble action rolling. Extremely interactive game that's great for helping teach kids to learn hand eye coordination and good sportsmanship skills. Featured Highlights Include: Online multiplayer support for quick matches-Leaderboard ranking system for competitive fun-Filtering leaderboard results by all, or just friends-WIFI Connection is not required but recommended-Online multiplayer lag correction for real-time synchronizing-Extremely low mobile data usage when WIFI not available-Send and receive game invitations for private matches-Check messages to see game invitations sent while offline-Easy to use basic fundamentals tutorialFree limited time Paid Game Promo Codes available by request: Riehlworld380621@gmail.comPromo Codes available while supplies last so take advantage with your friends and see who can rank their score all the way to the top of the leaderboard.
Operating System Android


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