Orbit Path: Space Physics Game

Find your path. Simple to play. Difficult to master. Immerse yourself in a tranquil, one finger, gravity puzzler set in a minimalist interstellar universe with original ambient music. Inspired by the Juno probe and its mission to Jupiter, and Voyager 1's orbit out of our solar system and into the galaxy; going farther than any human or man-made object has ever gone. Pass your probe safely through planetary orbits as you explore the far reaches of space. Avoid planets and stars as you use gravity, wormholes, space-time and more to safely move from world to world. From the creators of the hit game Word Hack. Features: 30 replayable levels- Fun gravity and physics effects- Immersive design and lighting- Original music compositions (headphones suggested) - Achievements and leaderboards- Use hints or skip challenging levels- Play entirely for FREE or pay to accelerate your progress; your choiceWe want you to love Orbit Path. Please send us your feedback from the Credits screen, or write us an awesome Google Play review.
Operating System Android