The Christmas Sleigh

Have you ever wondered how can elves build all those toys for every kid in the world? They use a time-bending device, powered by some magical ingredients gathered from the woods. But you know, woods are suffering, climate changes and overbuilding made for less trees and a magical shortage. Christmas is coming, toys are not enough and the elves have run out of time. Santa and his friends must go and gather chestnuts, pinecones and acorns to refill the magic device, so that Christmas eve can last long enough for the elves to make all toys. Jump on your sleigh in a fresh and mesmerizing winter adventure on the top of the mountain, explore the soothing environment enjoying an inspiring seasonal soundrack, beat your own high score or other players best runs. And in the early season. grab your sleigh and match with your friends for the fastest sleigh. A relaxing yet engaging snow runner with some fresh twists: gain momentum on slopes and gather speed to climb up hills- intuitive and simple but responsive controls, play with just a finger- keep going at max speed to maximize score- use your skills to master all play modes and unlock all the achievements- multiplayer matches up to four players. ride through endless day/night cycles- slide forward or go backward through the hills on need- chance to unlock a banner-free version of the game- heartwarming Christmas setting. Contains a small advertisement banner and optional interstitial ads, you can purchase a "banner-free version" directly in-app for a small fee, or if you're skilled enough, you can unlock thie banner-free mode partially or completely just by playing the game. Requires google play games service (free to download and use) for multiplayer, leaderboards and achievements.
Operating System Android


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