Wasp Survival Simulator

How to survive? It's quite simple, you need to search for food, struggle with other predators, harvest honey, collect pollen, protect your colony and feed your Queen. So, be alert and keep your sting alert - aggressive insects, such as rats, snakes, spiders or butterflies are nearby you. Don't forget to mind your wasp' health, energy, water and food indicators to survive - if we do not focus on them- there is no chance to stay alive. Your Wasp nest has been destroyed and you must reestablish the colony. Enter the insect world as a young wasp and build your colony. Your first mission is to find workers that will help establish your colony. When you find the workers then find the Queen. You will also find yourself in head-to-head battles against Ant colonies, Spiders, angry rats and dangerous snakes. You will collect the food, increase your family, and protect them from mad enemies. Dangerous and amazing missions are waiting for you.
Operating System Android