Knights of Valour (Since 1999)

The Ultimate Evolution of Arcade Masterpiece. A Whole-new Experience of Scrolling Action Game. Remember the good old times of arcade three kingdoms? Here is the classic. Once a sensational 2D side-scrolling action game of popularity, Knights of Valour now appears on MOBILE devices. Beside the thrilling battle combos and secret chambers with treasures to discover, there are also near one hundred unique, fascinating warriors for you to choose, Zhugeliang, Zhangfei, Lvbu, Daqiao. All your choices. Numerous stages of adventure and excitement, and various special boss battles, as well as the addictive feature of real time battle arena to enjoy, 1V1, 2V2, 3V3, and even Legion Battle. Now, grab your weapon, work with your partners and open up your own world in Knights of Valour. [Game Features]. REAL ArcadeReproduces the most original combat by the selectable common and advanced battle operation mode. The flexible actions and awesome classic graphics recalls your old memories. Hand operation and strategy are needed here. Multi GeneralsOriginal generals combo system, Kongming, Zhangfei, Guanyu, Lvbu, Daqiao. It's all your choices, with unique fashion and skills design for your generals. Unending PKA variety of competition system provided, crazy PK era. 1V1, 2V2, 3V3 and also the unique Room mode, and massive legion battle, will you be the ultimate winner? Fan Page: xm/Support:
License Free
Operating System Android