We Are Cubed for Tango

2015 Tango App Contest OVERALL WINNER: Best in Show. In We Are Cubed, players utilize Tango's motion tracking capabilities to make their way through several challenging levels of 3D puzzles. CONTROLS: Main Menu: Choose Level: simply touch one of the buttons in the center to choose a level you wish to play. Reset Level: restart current level from scratch. Center Camera: reset camera to its initial position. Close Menu: go back to the current level and continue playing without losing any progress already made. Credits: see a picture of the two students that designed and implemented this game. In-Game Menu: Track Camera: enable positional and rotational tracking during gameplay. Center Camera: reset camera to its initial position. Open Menu: back to Main Menu. Puzzle World - Touch and hold on the yellow tiles to decide where to move your avatar. Your avatar will "paint" whichever color is touching a puzzle-face, be careful where you move. Utilize the Motion Tracking of the Project Tango to get a better view of the puzzle, or to see a path that you might not have seen before. It is possible to select a non-visible yellow tile, for instance one hidden behind a cube, as long as there isn't another one in front of it (visible tiles take precedence over hidden ones.) Try to take care of red cubes first, and don't worry too much if, while doing so, few green cubes end up reversed back to their transparent state.
Operating System Android