Vehicle Platform Challenge

Vehicle Platform Challenge is a free arcade platform game. Challenge is everything. Climb at hill of your arcade skill. You can compete with other players by time highscores. Highscores are updated in real time. Every car is unique and balanced for arcade play. Highscores are grouped daily, monthly and year period. Climb at the top of time highscores. You can beat yourself and other players using many cars. Sometimes you must use car to jump on hill or swim a river. You will be suprised how challenge encourage you to play. Use car with realistic 2d physics. You do not have to collect coins. You struggle with addictive and entertaining riddles based on 2D physics. Car can jump, fly and use elevators. Car can climb hills and trigger catapults. You can use ghost car replay to improve your highscores. Every ghost car show your best route at every level. Vehicle Platform Challenge is free to play but there are optional in-app purchases available. You can play many cars at many levels. Enjoy the challenge every day with Vehicle Platform Challenge.
Operating System Android