Saiyan's Escape

Go ahead and reach the Time Machine. Avoid all the obstacles. You are the last hope of the Earth. Help the last Saiyan to escape from future and find the help that he needs. Return with new super warriors and flee again in front of Black Goku. Sometimes, the best attack, it is the leak. Become a legend. Press on the screen to make the character jump from platform to platform, avoid all the dangers. When you are transformed into super saiyan, you run faster and the fire does not kill you. Good luck. Collect as many coins as possible. Become your favorites characters. Get transformed into super saiyan and become invincible. Challenge your friends to the classification to prove who is best. Accumulate victories. Everything in colourful and pixelated graphics. The legendary Goku's Ball of Dragon will bring you some luck. Join the community: Facebook - Twitter -> Special thanks to: MajinVegeta95 / Vebills / EnteiTheHedgehog / Extreme Butoden / Manikdx / Que / Luka / Onis / Angryboy / Omega / TheKrillMasterThis game is developed by a fan of dbz. Thank you for playing. Enjoy.
Operating System Android