Blacksmith Forge Catch Blocks

Blacksmith Forge is the perfect game to kill time. You are a blacksmith who forges not only his fate, but the fate of a whole knighthood. Acquire mineral blocks of iron and gold, in order to produce a great weapon later on. During the game you catch the falling blocks, run away from the falling bombs, and use enhancements in order to achieve better results and gain more raw materials for weapons. Game features: 4 different worlds, like mountains or castle. 18 different characters and 21 fantastic unlockable weapons. improvements to facilitate the game, such as magical floor or slow down time. polished and friendly interface.automatically records iCloud and Google Play Services. Google Game Services to share the results with your friends and track your achievementsThe game is Free to play. Visit our official webpage - http://rapidgs.comLike us on Facebook - out more about the games we make on our blog - game uses microtransaction and ads.
Operating System Android