Space Settlers: Spinning wheel

Looking for fun games for when your bored? Play this cool game. Shoot your rockets to planets. Sounds easy? Try it. Planets are spinning circles or spinning wheels. They are rotating at a different speed. Pin rockets to planets and avoid obstacles what can be placed on the planet or fly around it. Test your reflex, concentration and shoot the wheel with maximum precision. Play rocket game for free it' a great one touch time killer. Get used to acting under pressure. Make your decisions quick and set dot. Four galaxies and hundreds of planets are waiting for you to shoot rockets. Start your arcade space adventure now and play rocket game. Pin the circle and the dots and show how observant you are. This cool rocket game will keep you hooked on for days. No wifi needed. Great time killer. Features: Cool game for all ages. One touch time killer. Set dot. Hundreds of levels regularly updated. Rockets as dots. Pin planets as rotating circle wheel. Set rockets = set dot. Fun game for when your bored. Beautiful design. Spinny twisty Circle. Pin the dots. You can play it without internet, with no wifi.
Operating System Android