Block Puzzle 2017 Game

Block Puzzle is a latest style free puzzle game that is highly addictive and classic when it comes to slide puzzle games to kill time. Unlike other puzzle block and sliding games, this block game is smart and features only 10 levels but are highly challenging. Here is how to play this classic Block Puzzle game and enjoy: 1 - Drag and slide the puzzle blocks to move left and right; 2 - Drag down or use Fast button to drop the blocks to fill up the empty puzzle block walls; 3 - Tap on Screen to rotate the screen; 4 - Play and score quickly; 5 - Beat High Score and try to challenge your playing skills. More levels of Block Puzzle games are coming soon and with advanced Game center and Arcade style puzzle blocks. Install now and play this will take you back to the childhood. Besides on main menu screen, you can turn on the sound which is amazing background music. The background of Block Puzzle game is one of its unique type that will make you fall in love with tettris and this gameplay.
Operating System Android