NEW ORBIT - Episode 1

SPACE. GRAVITY. ADVENTURE"The unique gameplay is difficult to master but so satisfying" "New Orbit manages to accomplish something very rare in the increasingly all-encompassing video game industry: it does something new. I've never played anything quite like it." FEATURES. Realistic Gravitation: Feel the gravitational pull, enter orbits, master landing on asteroids. Adventure: Lost deep inside hostile territory, in a tiny, badly damaged shuttle. A mobile-sized story to remember. Full recorded voiceover for the entire game. (English). Subtitles in English, German, French and Russian. Bonus Playground (unlocks when you complete the game). 10 Achievements to earn. STORY Earth is gone. Only some survived. Everyone who could, fled the planet and settled in the asteroid belt. Years passed, factions formed, WAR ensued over scarce resources and precious knowledge. You are a young engineer of the Node Collective, lost deep inside enemy territory. Your mothership was on a secret mission on the far side of the Triterian Empire, but you weren't senior enough to know its goal and purpose. So here you are - in a tiny, badly damaged shuttle - alone amidst the burning remains of what used to be the pride of your crew - with nothing but the cold voice of your computer to keep you company. CONTROLS Touch and hold anywhere on the screen to fire your thrusters and get your ship to move. Let go and you'll continue to drift forever on. Your velocity is influenced by all gravitational forces in the area. Don't fight against gravity. Learn to use it to your advantage. Play with it. Dance.
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