Touch of God - Fantasy Arcade

Hey you. Come over here. They're coming and we need you. I'm going to give you quick course of magic. Draw the signs that you see above your enemy to eliminate them. Remember that cannon fodder is going first, watch out for harder and faster monsters. It's not just arcade game, it's war between good and evil. Your hard work will be rewarded by coins which you can use to get more knowledge of magic from me. A lot of adepts came here but there's just one place for best wizard in our leaderboard. I hope we're going to be great teammates. Now jump to the battle and draw, draw and get more spells and epic equipment. What Touch of God offer: Make your own wizard- Get coins by defeating your enemies- Buy new equipment that improve your appearance and abilities- Buy and improve your spells- Compete with other wizard and check your possition in leaderboard- If you're looking for more try yourself in Hellgate mode. Incoming features: Adventure game mode- Achievements system with awards- More spells and equipments.
Operating System Android