Sabotage is an exciting game with a retro flavour. You control a defensive turret. Enemy paratroopers are launched from choppers and unless you blast them to pieces they will land and attempt to sabotage and destroy your turret. Each trooper is wired with explosives and should they reach the turret, it's boom time for everyone in the blast radius. When the air raid siren sounds, the enemy will try to bomb you - shoot the bomb out of the sky before it blows you to smithereens. You can shoot everything that moves - choppers, transports, troopers, bombs, parachutes - but each bullet will cost you a point so don't get too trigger happy if you want a high score. Features: Laser-sighting which makes the game easier for beginners - Progressively more difficult levels with the ability to resume the game from a later level - Challenging gameplay with multiple enemies including choppers, paratroopers, troop transports and bombers - Bullets cost one point each; careful aiming earns bigger rewards - Should work on all Android devices - Just-one-more-go gameplay, easy to load up but real tough to put down. This is our first game and we're excited to hear from you. We had a lot of fun making Sabotage and hope you enjoy playing it just as much. Please leave a great review if you like the game, and if you have any thoughts, questions, issues or ideas for improvement, please don't hesitate to contact us at ENOUGH READING. IT'S TIME TO LOCK AND LOAD.
Operating System Android