24 Games in 1 - Fish Wish

Want to enjoy lot of mini games in 1? Want to play with lovely fish? Want to get lovely fishes in your aquarium? Want to make your own fishdom with lovely fishes and fish tanks? This game is only for you. Enjoy free fishing game. You can earn fishes by playing lots of amazing mini games. This is FISH WISH. A free game for Android Devices and best game for kids. Games are mostly like puzzle games, racing games, zombie game, color games and fishing game. You win a game and all the game will free for you. Play a free game, get a required score and fishes, tanks and fish tank wallpaper will be free for you. Make your own fish farm for free. Here are lots of beautiful fishes that you can either buy or accept mini game challenge to win the fish. If you simply buy the fish, it will go in a live fish tank in which you can see it moving in the water and if you accept the challenge, you will go to the mini game to achieve a target score, if you achieve the score, you will win the selected fish free and fish move to fish tank. There are unlimited fishes, unlimited fish tanks and lots of mini games like flappy, car racing, zombie games, puzzle games, color match free games, bubble games, gold game, road games and much more free games to add in future. Make your own fishdom with lovely fishes. Currently 24 mini games are in this free game. Enjoy fishes like koi fish, jelly fish, shark fish, tropical fish, saltwater fish. discus fish.freshwater fish and lot of other amazing fishes in this game on your android device. Play 24 Mini games and win fishes to your aquarium of the pacific. Your aquarium will be adventure aquarium where lovely aquarium fish will be stored like a fish pond. This is a perfect game for kids. Lot of free challenging games. Play free 24 games like flappy games, car games, racing games, zombie games, puzzle games, color match free games, bubble games, gold game, road games etc. Play all free games and make fish aquarium, fish farms and fish tanks as u like. If you play all these new games and achieve the targets, then all the fishes and tanks, tank wallpapers will be free. More you play the game, more fishes, tanks and fish wallpapers will be free. Don't keep your dream fish out of water. Play with your fish tycoon. Make you fish farm; play with your fishes across the pond. Mini games are free and we will increase the number of free games in future and make it up to 100 free games in it so you can enjoy unlimited fun and all that for free. Don't be late. Get this game now. Play with sea fish and jumping fish. Enjoy ocean fish mania. Connect with Google Plus or Facebook to participate in the international competition and find out who will be the champion of the world of fish and mini games. Stay on top of your game. Get the latest news, deals, and more at. FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Fish-Wish-974296862644959TWITTER: will add soonYOUTUBE: will add soonNote: All of our awesome games are free to play. Let us know your suggestion or complain at eaglenestcontact@gmail.com.
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