Air Fighters Aerial battle

Shadow Air Fighters is a shooting game. It has different kinds of aircrafts. You can always find your favorite plane, Different aircraft with different barrage has superior fighting ability. The enemy is everywhere. Some of them are out of space, some are under the sea. Now, choose the right equipment to defeat your enemies. They have a lot of aircrafts. Can you beat them, win the honor? Let us wait and see. The fast-paced game that makes you feel the tension and excitement, Game quality resolution allows you to immersive, The game has more than 30 different shapes and fighting ability barrage, Makes the whole battle screen colorful, At the same time the game is simple and clear so that you can cope with difficult challenges and defeat all the boss. The game also has a variety of cool planes, you can also upgrade your plane so you become more powerful aircraft, also equipped with a shooter game exciting sound effects, giving you a wonderful world of aircraft.
Operating System Android