Cart Kid

Phew. That shopping trip was exhausting. You just just unloaded your items into the car and where you return your cart is so far away. You don't feel like walking that much so what are you going to do (when leaving it on the grass isn't an option)? Go ahead - we've all done it. Give it a FLICK. What's the worst that could happen? Check out the Cart Kid FaceBook page for contests and promotions. Hit the robber, and watch videos to earn free carts. See how many carts you can successfully get in the corral in a row. Challenge your friends, don't let them beat you. Climb the leaderboard to win a prize. 5% of all revenue is donated to the ALS foundation. Every download, every flick, can make a difference in someone's life. Please contact us via our FaceBook ( with any questions, comments, or helpful tips that will improve your gaming experience. You WILL get a response within 24 hours. Have fun.
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