Battle of Rhintis

Battle of Rhintis is an action game filled with various character and supporting various power, weapons, and skills, with various enemies that appear just to kill you and your friends. Utilize various powers to strengthen your team and steel yourself for the battles ahead. The story begins when Boy and his friends have mission to explore The Rhintis Island, base of the evil creatures that building army preparing to destroy the universe and throw human into chaos. Who could be behind this sinister turn of events? Work together with Boy to get to the bottom of this mystery, battling legions of familiar foes along the way. The very fate of the universe rests on your shoulders. Help Lightning Boy, Earth Boy, Wind Boy, Thunderstorm Boy, Quake Boy, Leaf Boy, water Boy, fire Boy, Cyclone Boy, Ice Boy, Blaze Boy, Thorn Boy, Solar Boy, Magnet Boy, Shadow Master, Xing, and SyasyaCome on, friends in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapura, Brunai, Thailand, Vietnam, Kamboja, Laos, Myanmar, Korea, and around the world, help Boy and his friends to protect and defend the rhintis Island. Kill and defeat all of the bald monsters and evil robot. Boy has special power including Lightning, Earth, Wind, Thunderstorm, Quake, Leaf, water, fire, Cyclone, Ice, Blaze, Thorn, Solar, and Magnet. Xing has ability to run fast. Shadow Mater has ability to manipulate Shadow, and Syasya has a great power punch. Be the real hero and win this Battle. How to Play: Simply tap the navigation button to move. tap the attack button to hit enemies. when coin bar is full, tap sphere button so you can use skill power to.destroy all enemies. tap and hold on the sphere button to release greatest skill power of Boy and his FriendsFeatures: Providing 17 characters. Providing different sense of hitting from each character. Supporting various kinds of skill from each character. Cute 2D graphic that looks like cartoon. A challenging arcade game. Good quality music. Rhintis island boy and friends themed free game. Endless fun adventure. arcade running game. There are special power and skill you can use to kill monsters at a timeNow you can experience all the nonstop action in the palm of your hand. The fighting is so extreme your screen won't be able to handle it. Awaken the true potential power of your favorite characters and make them stronger than ever before. You've never experienced the Rhintis adventure like this. This game was made by Kinsey Studio as fun. If there is any similarity, it is coincidentally happened. For any question contact us at email: Like our Fan Page at
Operating System Android


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