Light Seeking

You discovered that from the lights, there were fragments of a star, and from that came out some quiet, soft light. How big a star it shall be in the skys to shine such a beautiful, bright light? You decided to climb up the undergrounds, towards the shining starlight. [Fun, but also challenging stages]Stages are composed with falling blocks that are thoroughly calculated for maximized fun. In order to collect more star fragments, you need to think, along with some speedy fingers. [A hardmode system for more challenging users]When a world is cleared in normal mode, you can play in hardmode in that world. Users looking for more challenging maps, or users who think that the normal mode was too easy for them can play some more exciting and more challenging games in the hardmode. [A variety of costumes for your character]By collecting star fragments trough the game, costumes for your character will be released.
Operating System Android