Run, Bottle Run

One dude has found himself on a desert island with the only thing left to do -- to throw a bottle with a message inside into the ocean. You are that bottle. A beautiful and quite hardcore, in some extent, runner about the bottle, the message, the aliens, the ice age, and. this list is infinite. Ride waves, dodge seagulls, explore oceans and unlock new characters. Control a rocket or a bomber, break records and get a pet Whale. Complete quests, get rewards, believe in luck and save the dude. Features: Dozens of characters -- each one with unique abilities. Pet Whale, Rocket, Bomber, your own Dragon and many more. Diverse Quests and challenges. Amazing graphics. Realistic physics. Variety of oceans. Hats, hats, and -- guess what? -- more hats. Weather changes. Menu presented as a huge island. Tablets support. Soundtrack made by one of the best musicians on indie-scene. Convenient controls. FRIDGE whirling on waves and thrusting icebergs.
Operating System Android