Rotate or Fail

Rotate or Fail is a free game about a spinning wheel. Rotate or fail spinning wheel: is a free addicting game about a spinning wheel with a pointer. That wheel is rotating endlessly and you have to tap the screen at the right moment to point to the green area and collect a point. If you miss the green area then you will lose a life. You have 3 lives and then you fail. Rotate or fail spinning wheel: is really simple. All you have to do in this free game is tap. Tap and hope to do it correctly and get a high score. Rotate or fail spinning wheel is addicting. Once you enter the endless world of spinning then you will find it hard to stop playing. It is so fun that can hook you for hours. Rotate or fail spinning wheel is free and always will be. It contains ads but they are set in a way to be as less annoying as possible. There are no banner ads, only full-screen so that when you play you will enjoy the full size of your screen. This free game is kids friendly. It is a game for all ages. It has no scary sounds or graphics and your kid can enjoy this simple game and get entertained. All kids will love it. You and your kid can enjoy the game with the sound of a very entertaining and up-lifting beat that will get you excited OR if you don't like the music or the sound effects there is a beautiful menu from which you can disable them easy. It's just one tap. What are you waiting for? You can play this free, addicting game anywhere! On the bus, on your way to work, at school, at college, at home and even your kids can enjoy it. All you have to do is download this insanely great game and live the experience of ending your boredom and experiencing hours of fun.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Android 2.3 and up