Crossy Robot : Combine Skins

Do you like robots? In this game you will encounter pieces inspired by the best famous robots. Get all the pieces in the surprises machine and get the most epic pieces only completing epic challenges. Cross as many halls as you can and complete all the challenges you can in order to get the most epic pieces. Crossy Robot is the Crossy game inspired by robots from Star Wars, iron man and more heroes from your favourite films of marvel. But it's more. Here you can mix them to create the perfect robot and be the best hopper in the world. Features:? Many skins/pieces to build your robot. Choose head, body and legs of all shapes and colors. Have you ever dreamt creating a robot with pieces of your favourite heroes? Now you have the chance. 3 different colorful environments and effects. All kind of traps that have to overcome being very skillful. A map will indicate where the batteries and gifts are. Increasingly difficult challenges to unlock epic skins like iron man, optimus prime and more inspired robots. (unlockable only in these challenges). Play bonus challenge to get a lot of free coins. Each floor will be a randomly generated challenge. Instead of road, jurassic, galaxy, creeper, or other things you can encounter in crossy games, you have a lot of funny traps, and amazing places to discover in each floor. You'll feel great arriving in time to collect the batteries to recharge your robot. Collect as much surprise boxes and coins to redeem robot pieces in the machine. Enjoy crossing halls as fast as you can. Fluid, enjoyable and action-packed game. Start playing from the first second without any interruption. Totally Free. From the creators of Crossy Creeper comes this hopper game, but this time your skin is a robot, so there isn't any road to cross or creeper to defeat. Here you will probe your hability in crossy games to avoid all the traps and be fast enough to take all the batteries in time. Build your unique robot at the garage and beat the world record. Select iron man body, optimus legs, other epic skins from marvel and play without limits. The game offers in app purchases for some robot-skins (only epic) but also unlockable by completing free epic challenges. As is the initial version of the game, we would appreciate your feedback to improve the game in all its aspects. Suggestions for Robot skins and traps are really appreciated. Thank you.
Operating System Android